“Merry Christmas” the man threatened.


Kudos to the Paris Review for publishing this Christmas card which sums up the ludicrous controversy surrounding Christmas greetings  in U.S.

The State of Texas has just passed a Merry Christmas Law protecting the celebration of Christmas and other religious holidays (such as Chanukah) in its schools.¬† The Texas law drafted as a backlash after schools in some other states banned all references to Christmas (including Santa himself) and replaced the traditional holiday with non-religious “Winter Festivals.”

As Texas Governor Rick Perry signed the bill into law, a group known as the Lone Star Santas (ten men sporting long white beards) cheered and rang bells. Students of all faiths, including Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism, can seek support under this law if their own expressions of faith are censored.

Texas students and teachers can now sing Christmas songs, decorate their classrooms with Christmas Trees and menorahs and red-nosed reindeer and wish each other a “Merry Christmas” or a “Happy Chanukah” without fear of retribution.