Risk Management Sochi Style: Snow and Surveillance Top Priorities

I wonder if Edward Snowden will show up in Sochi. That would boost the ratings!  Speaking of  snow—,  did you know that Sochi has stockpiled snow from last winter just in case they run low during the games?  They should get a gold medal for risk management.Sochi Olympics 2014

The Russians will be managing other risks, as well, by listening in on all communications. “Athletes and spectators attending the Winter Olympics  … will face some of the most invasive and systematic spying and  surveillance in the history of the Games.”

University of Toronto Professor Ron Deibert,  has dubbed the Russian FSB’s   Surveillance System PRISM on Steroids.

Presumably the primary purpose of the system is to protect against terrorism, with Chechen terrorists already threatening to sabotage the games.

Meanwhile, there is some concern among the international LGBT community  that Russia may use its comprehensive surveillance system to identify and target promoters of gay rights, as the country recently  passed a controversial  law banning gay propaganda.

On second thought, this is the sort of event Snowden, Patron Saint of Privacy, is likely to boycott.


Quotable Quotes – Attorney Steve Pearlman on Record Breaking Whistle Blower Settlement

Regarding a $14 million dollar award to an unnamed whistle-blower who went straight to the SEC without first bringing his complaint to the attention of his employer, Steve Pearlman commented that the Dodd-Frank Act has created “A new regime that encourages employees to keep eyes and ears open… Employees are deputized to act as agents of the government.”  (Source: HR Magazine, December 2013 “SEC Pays Worker Its Largest Award for Whistle-Blowing”).

I wonder if this will encourage enterprising individuals to seek employment with companies where they feel they are most likely to encounter reportable violations?