Create a Mini-Library at Your Workplace

One of the things I love about doing workforce training at Noble Energy  are the many ways the employees make their workplace homey.  My favorite (after the home baked goods which frequently materialize on the communal table in the break room) is the impromptu library which has evolved atop a row of metal filing cabinets lining one of the interior hallways. Employees place books they have finished reading on top of the filing cabinets. People can take and read any book they like and can donate books of their own. There is no checkout procedure and there are no due dates. If you fall in love with a book, you can keep it or even pass it on to a family member or friend.

booksAn office lending library is a nice perk Human Resources staffers can initiate at no cost to their employers.  They might also encourage employees who subscribe to professional trade magazines to place the issues they have finished reading in a designated basket in the breakroom, for their colleagues to leaf through over coffee or at lunch.

Yes, I know everyone can read whatever they like on their ipads and Kindles these days. But there is nothing like a shelf of real books to make a place cozier or a hard copy magazine or newspaper to give our overworked retinas a much needed break.


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