Goodbye, Norma Rae – Unions Form to Fight Abuses by Unions

normaraeEven as the The Employee Free Choice Act, under consideration in Congress, is giving unions in the United States a fresh sense of optimism and power, a parallel universe has opened up in which employees of unions, originally formed to protect workers from abuses, are organizing to fight abuses they are suffering from the unions themselves.

According to an article published by The Houston Chronicle, janitorial employees of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), tired of working long shifts, seven days a week, organized their own union to fight the SEIU, after it ignored their complaints. One union employee, Hamilton Gramajo, has filed a complaint with the National Labors Relation Board claiming that the SEIU has itself, as an employer, violated work rules.

Could this be a new trend? Unions organizing within unions to fight abuse?

Norma Rae, where are you?


One thought on “Goodbye, Norma Rae – Unions Form to Fight Abuses by Unions

  1. I am a victim of Labor-Union corruption, and these Labor Unions will sell-out one of their members, to management, if the favors, or if the price, is right. In fact, Labor Unions do cater to management all the time, so we are still on our own, and this is what we must do >>> <<<

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